Lipah Bay | Bali Soft Corals Dive Sites

Lipah Bay located 3km south-east of Amed, this quiet little black sand bay is home to the wreck of a 20M steel freighter. The wreck lies in very shallow water, 6-12M, between a reef and the sand bottom, and is encrusted with sponges, gorgonians and coral bushes.

Visibility can be greatly reduced if there is a current or any wave-action, however the bay is well-protected on both side. The sloping reef is spectacular, particularly in the bottom (15-20M) section, with soft corals, gorgonians and sponges. The reef continues in patches to 40M+. The shallowest section of reef (unaffected by the coral-bleaching after El Nino in 1998) contains table and staghorn corals and is home to clouds of damsels and anthias as well as schools of many kinds of fish.

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