Gili Selang | Bali Reef Shark Dive Sites

A small island lying off Bali’s eastern point which, like all exposed sites, at times has ripping currents. We therefore restrict this to expert divers only. It takes a fast boat from Padangbai, and you can either dive once at Gili Selang and then go on to Amed, or dive within Padangbai and then on to Gili Selang (although that is a long return journey). The interesting and rich sand slope to the north of the island has some stands of hard branching corals and occasional bommies, the deeper areas of the slope are more protected and therefore home to sea fans, soft corals, barrel sponges and coral bushes.

Along this sand slope you may well see white tip reef shark and Bumphead Parrotfish. Sitting at around 18M, moving southwards with the current, around the east side of Gili Selang, can provide you with great visibility. Here however, the slope becomes rockier, much steeper and loses any significant coral cover. Tucking into the south side of the island and coming in towards Bali, you’ll get out of the current, and encounter another area of low but healthy reef with many moray eels and schooling fish including trevally. Dotted around are bommies and leather corals.

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