Taman Bali Village

Taman Bali Village has a beautiful park denoting a heritage of Taman Bali Kingdom. The park is equipped with a pool and sanctum in the form of clan temple building belonging to the big family of Tirta Harum Taman Bali. Other than functioned as worshipping place, it was also made a recreational area by the King of Taman Bali. The park was established by Sang Anom from Taman Bali Kingdom with the extent of about 5,000 square meters and surrounded by amazing active rice fields where farmers are still applying old-fashioned farming techniques.

Members of local subak organization also founded a temple of profession located next to the Tirta Harum clan temple. In addition, there are also relics in the form of royal oxen-style toilets and Gold Pavilion used to store the king’s property located within the same complex as SDN 1 Taman Bali primary school. The gold pavilion was renovated in 1986 by villagers of Taman Bali. Of course, this heritage has an attraction and potential to be developed into a tourist attraction, especially fishing attraction that can be combined with biking and cross-country run activity.

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