Belega and Bona Village

Belega village including the Blahbatuh Gianyar, whereas the Bona village was the Belega Village territory. Belega Village was known as the centre of diligence of bamboo, that in part take the form of : the seat, the bed, the dressing table, cupboard and so on. Bona village was known as the centre of diligence of the leaves threw and the kecak dance .

Almost every day the Belega Village and Bona was visited by foreign tourists and domestic tourists that want to bought or ordered bamboo diligence or the leaves threw for the need of the household or the hotel/restaurant. Besides this Bona also famous with the dance kecak that took the Ramayana story.

After the performance of the kecak dance, was shown also the dance Hyang Dedari that was danced by 2 small girls in consciousness (trance), and finally was shown by the Sang Hyang Jaran Dance, where a man danced while kicking the ember that was very big with naked foot.

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