Lebih Beach | Good Waves For Surfing

Lebih Beach, situated in Lebih village, about 9 km south of Gianyar city must be the best-known beach in Gianyar. Lebih Beach has good waves for surfing and an abundance of tasty seafood served along the shore. The leader of Fishermen’s Association in Lebih, Made Bebas said that this beach had great potential as a marine tourism site. He also pointed out that the beach is a perfect place for surfing and any other water sport, while the panorama of the beach is also very beautiful.

Spokesman of the Gianyar local government, Wayan Arthana, S.H said that sports events are held annually in order to promote the Lebih Beach. Various water sports are held, such as swimming, beach tug of war, beach volley-ball and swimming competitions. Many kinds of local sea food are served, including Sate Languan (fish roasted on skewer), grilled fish, fried fish, fish balls, pepes ikan (roasted fish wrapped in banana leaf), and many others, all at very reasonable prices.Visitors can also enjoy the row of thousands of traditional boats moored along the beach, the scene being especially attractive in the morning. The row of the unique boats on the black sands is very beautiful when seen from a distance.

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