Water of Five Colors in Tirta Kuning Temple A New Spiritual Attraction at Wanagiri Village

Aside from having beautiful nature, the area of Asah Panji Kelod Hamlet, Wanagiri Village, Sukasada Subdistrict, in fact, has a unique temple. Its name is Tirta Kuning. Within the temple area can be found the water of five colors believed to have capability of eliminating diseases or pests in the agricultural areas in the vicinity. So far, the area of Asah Panji Hamlet is indeed commonly visited by some tourists who would like to do trekking or just have a promenade to see the local natural scenery.

Apart from enjoying the natural hills, rivers and numerous waterfalls in the surrounding area, tourists can also luxuriate in spiritual aura of the area. To that end, villagers of Wanagiri have agreed to develop the area into a spiritual tourist object. Indeed, only a few Hindu devotees in Bali know the temple having the water of five colors situated at Asah Panji Kelod, Wanagiri Village. Pursuant to local belief, the strength of the temple can eliminate diseases or pests on the area of agricultural land and village territory.

The temple itself tranquilly situated in the middle of tropical forest of Asah Panji is mentioned in the Bhuwana Bangsul palm-leaf manuscript. It is clearly mentioned that the water flowing from the Lake Beratan is called Tirta Bima. Then, the water flowing from Terate Bang and from Mount Silangsana turns into very sacred shower and should be kept and sanctified by Balinese people. In addition, there is also water emerging in the west of Terate Bang denoting sacred tirta amerta or tirta wahyu.

Its emergence is through pond water and shower of panca lingga. In the palm-leaf manuscript has been clearly mentioned that it is located in area of Asah Panji, said Jero Nyoman Witana, one of the supporting devotees of the temple. The panca lingga shower consists of the shower in the east (yellow water), shower facing west (white), south (black), north (red) and center (five colors). However, the dominant water is the white and yellow water. But, in terms of invisible realm (niskala), there is water of five colors, explained Witana.

The water emanating from Tirta Kuning Temple is also called tirta amerta wisya. In the shower, praying devotees were not allowed to bathe because the shower was a sacred bathing place of gods and goddesses. As mentioned in palm-leaf manuscript, the water could not be drunk because it contained poison that’s why it was called tirta amerta wisya. The holy water was only intended for Pasupati purposes or eliminating diseases in agricultural land and rural areas. Myriad devotees usually came to pray in Tirta Kuning Temple on Kuningan feast day.

They came from a far distance such as Tabanan, Denpasar and elsewhere. By and large, they came here after obtaining spiritual whisper, said another devotee. Prior to or after returning from Tirta Kuning Temple located inside a jungle cave of Asah Panji, devotees were obliged to ask for permission in Batumadeg Temple whose entire shrine consisted of stones. Now, the temple has been maintained and supported by Asah Panji Kelod Hamlet with temple priest Jro Mangku Made Manik and Jero Ratna.

source : balitravelnews

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