Purificatory Rites at Tirta Empul Temple

Beauty of nature and activities of Balinese people are not only good to see but also nice to enjoy. On that account, these various intriguing activities are frequently carried out by foreign tourists. Some are just trying and feeling, while some others are enjoying them as a hobby. Those activities, among others, are farming, making handicrafts up to carrying out ritual ceremonies.

Ritual activity, for instance, also drew the interest of some tourists from kangaroo country. They undertook melukat or purificatory rite in Tirta Empul Temple, Tampaksiring, Gianyar, some time ago. They consisted of students in the University of Western Australia (UWA) and carried on the ritual procession sincerely and solemnly. They are very excited to do the ritual procession as Balinese Hindu community does, said Dewi Yulianti who escorted those tourists on Friday (Jun 24).

Dewi serving as Public Relations Officer of the Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI) Denpasar said they had been studying at ISI Denpasar since 13 June. While in Bali, the 22 students wanted to know more about the uniqueness of Balinese culture, including visiting Tirta Empul Temple. Aside from observing religious activities in temples, these students also participated in purificatory rite together with other students and lecturers of the ISI Denpasar, she added.

Having accomplished the purificatory rite and said prayers, the entourage paid a visit to Balika Gallery to explore what they had learned during their lectures. Similarly, they had opportunity to make a trip to Klungkung to learn Kamasan Painting for three days. I am very happy to study at ISI Denpasar, said Josh, one of the students who could speak Indonesian.

According to this sweet girl, the field trip activity was very memorable for all students involved. Other than visiting temple as well as tourist objects in Bali, they also attended lectures in the campus of ISI Denpasar. The subject taught included Bahasa Indonesia, Balinese Cultural Arts, Community in Rituals, Communities of Subak and Customary Hamlet, Introduction to Traditional Balinese Architecture, Balinese Geomancy (Asta Bhumi and Asta Kosala-Kosali), Ornaments, Photography, Lighting and many more.

Prior to leaving for country, the students will organize an exhibition as well as farewell party, said Dewi Yulianti.

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