Made Sukma: Original Pis Bolong at Affordable Price

Chinese coins or Balinese call it pis bolong are the essential things in many ceremonial celebrations in Bali. The functions depend on the motif crafted on it. Due to the big demand of pis bolong Balinese people are sometimes fooled by fake pis bolong at very cheap price. Let alone many sellers in traditional market sell false pis bolong whereas Balinese need the original one in ceremony.

To cope with this problem, Made Sukma Swacita announces his original products at affordable price. Since 2004 Made Sukma has opened his workshop with several employees. His company named UD Kamasan Bali located in Klungkung regency. In a month Made Sukma can be able to produce 401,5 kg pis bolong. Supporting by local government he patented pis bolong trough Bali Heritage Trust.

His design is very adorable so that his pis bolong is not only used in local only but is also adorned by some collectors from overseas. In order to supply affordable pis bolong for local use, Made Sukma buys used raw materials such as pans and other things made from metal. Besides, Made Sukma also creates his own mold which is very original. He also takes special sand from Pati, central java, to build the square mold.

He creates that mold while dissolving the raw materials. After everything is ready the dissolved material is poured to the mold and take the harden pis bolong out. He sorts them into two categories: good quality is sent to the next processes and poor quality is sent back to the dissolving process. After passing three processes to sandpaper the central hole and the rim, Made Sukma will distribute it to many sellers.

Made Sukma and his employees also uses pis bolong to create exotic statutes which are used in traditional ceremony and for upscale souvenir alike.

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