Giant Puppet Workshop

On Balinese new year eve, known as pangrupukan (this year falls on 6/3/2008), thousands of ogoh ogoh (giant puppet of evil spirits, scary monsters, giants of Ramayana epic and other malevolent beings), will on the street all over the island. The ogoh ogoh is usually made by the youth organization in every hamlet in Bali. However, sometimes the members of a youth organization do not have much time to construct an ogoh-ogoh, or simply do not know how to make one so in order to be able to participate in ogoh ogoh parade they order an ogoh ogoh from ogoh ogoh workshop.

One of few ogoh ogoh workshops in Bali is located in Sesetan village, Denpasar. I Wayan Candra established this workshop, which is well known as Gases Bali, in 1990. Before establishing this ogoh ogoh workshop I Wayan Chandra have already run a workshop, which construct cremation tower, cow sarcophagi, and concrete statue. He come from undagi (traditional engineer) family, which its main duty is to construct cremation tower, cow sarcophagi, traditional house or other structures.

When New Year eve is approaching Gases Bali Workshop is filled with ogoh ogoh in various stage of completion. According to I Wayan Candra for this New Year eve, his workshop constructs 73 ogoh, the maximum capacity of his average size ogoh ogoh takes 3 days for completion. His client mainly come from Klungkung and Karangasem regency, two regencies that recently swept by ogoh ogoh fever. What about the price? The price of an ogoh ogoh in this workshop range from 300 thousands rupiah up to 7 million rupiah depends on the size, material, and the intricacy of the style and appearance of the ogoh ogoh.

Gases workshop also rent some ogoh ogoh for those who think buying an ogoh ogoh is a way too expensive

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