ASDP Gilimanuk Add Counter and Ship’ Trip

Operational manager of ASDP Gilimanuk, Ospar Silabaran said upstream flow Lebaran this year is encouraging his side to add ticket counter and ship’s trip in the entrance of harbor. “It is anticipating queue and the traffic jam at the peak of upstream track later,” said him to the journalist in Negara on Tuesday. Ospar is preparing 29 ships to serve passenger in Ketapang Harbor, Banyuwangi, East Java.

In the other side he also operating five quays to fasten ship’ mooring session. “On usual day we are only operating three quays. We hoped the addition quay can minimize traffic jam,” said Ospar. Further the ship trip also added from eight trip on usual day into 10 trip daily. Ticket counter will add into 4 to 5 counter for motorcycle and four wheels vehicle will have two more counters as well the pedestrian visitors.

“These preparations wished for discipline traffic. Though there is a queue, we hoped it is not spending much time,” said Ospar. The peak of Lebaran upstream in Gilimanuk Harbor estimated will happen on Sunday, August 28. On the peak upstream, ASDP estimated the amount of motorcycle will reach 14,000 unit and four wheels vehicles will reach 5,000 unit. Last year harbor will set a tend in the entrance as a shelter for motor cycle driver. Gilimanuk always busy due to it is being the only exit door from Bali to Java Island.

source : antara news


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