Pan Suweca’s Roasted Chicken

Are you food lovers? So you have to try this Balinese new recipe. Pan Suweca, a restaurant located at Bedugul Street, Sidakarya, Denpasar, will serve you special chicken dishes as its specialty. From his talented hands a different tasty meal was created, named roasted suckling chicken or Balinese familiar with Ayam Guling. This meal is categorized as a new dishes since only pig is suckled and roasted by Balinese before.

Similar to roasted suckling pig this meal uses the same spices and cooked in the same way with roasted suckling pig. First, the spices such as garlic, onion, citronella/lemongrass, and others Balinese spices are pounded. Then that pounded spices mix with cassava leaves. The chef put the mixture into chicken abdomen that its internal organ has been taken out and cleaned. That chicken is ready to be roasted.

Do not imagine this roasted suckling chicken look like common roasted chicken that sell in the supermarket. It is quite different. Its spices that are mixed with cassava leaves make it different. On contrary to the common roasted chicken served without accompaniment, this new variant is served complete with its spicy cassava leaves. All spices are attached to the cassava leaves. And all of part attaches one to another because at the cooking process they attach to another.

Pan Suweca knows well how to cook and serve it. The chicken itself is tender whereas the spices improve the taste. This restaurant serve roasted suckling chicken on Balinese plate named ingka. The spicy cassava leaves offers you something different. It is not hot at all but your tongue will be shaken by the richness of the flavors.

This new variant of meal becomes popular day to day. With only Rp 10.000 you can taste this sensational meal personally and also the comfort of the building decoration. If you are together in four you can order one set menu for four people; a basket-bamboo of rice, one roasted suckling chicken, sambal matah (hot spicy sauce made from very little slices onion, lemongrass, and chilies), and four soft drinks. It is high quality meal with low price.

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