Dokar (Horse Cart)

Keeping alive the art and culture of Bali is not only the responsibility of the government, though government has programs to preserve the cultural heritages. Balinese youth have their own way in participating and supporting those programs. Horse cart or Dokar is fairly simple structure that is created from timber upon a metal base with two large wagon wheels.

Passengers sit sideways behind the driver on padded bench seats and the entire contraption is attached to a small horse with a sturdy leather harness and set of reigns. Depending on the weigh of the load, the cart travels along at a slightly tilted angle. Since Dokar does not use any machine it does not produces any dangerous residue and the air will keep clean. Nowadays, dokar is a rare means of transportation as well as endangered cultural heritage.

If you want to try travel by dokar, you can find them around Badung market in Banjar Pemeragan. Try it!

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