Tukang Terang

When rainy season finally comes, there should be rain everyday in Bali. The service of a rain man (tukang terang) is in high demand, since many traditional or secular events are held outdoor and a sudden down pour of rain will be a great problem. The traditional rain man of Bali is someone who has strong magical powers that enable him to move the rain from one place to another.

The magical power is obtained by observing a strict self-purification and adherence to spiritual processes. Talent and a family line of rain man are also important requirements for obtaining this magical power. The ability of the rain man is not just moving the rain from one place to another but also in making the rain.

To move the rain, the rain man needs to set a special offering to the Gods who guard the nine point of compass, known as Dewata Nawa Sanga. Some rain men are helped by spiritual beings from the underworld such as Gamang (spiritual being who inhabit a spooky place) or Tonya (spiritual being who inhabit the bank of a river). These spirits help are called on for help.

The rain man will sacrifice a black chicken in addition to making offerings. A strong rain man usually uses a piece of white cloth with a drawing of magical characters and images. However, a very strong rain man needs only incenses or cigarette to chase the rain away. To make the rain he/she needs only to rinse his/her mouth with water or waft a palm leaf in the air.

A rain man should always ask permission from the Kahyangan Tiga temple (three main temples that are found in every village in Bali), without the permissions from the deities in these three temples, the rain man cannot perform the making or moving of the rain. The rain man must know when a ceremony in Sad Kahyangan temples (Six main temples) is held.

Making or moving the rain at the time when there is ceremony in Sad Kahyangan temples is considered as a great offense to the deities in Sad Kahyangan temples. The rain man can be struck by a lightening or paralyzed. Sometimes, there is a spiritual fight between the rain man who makes the rain and the one who moves it.

The result of this fight is a paralyzed or burned body to the winner and losing the magical power or death to the loser.

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