Tampak Siring Palace

Tampak Siring Palace was located in the Tampak Siring Village, Tampak Siring Sub District, Gianyar District, Bali Province, Indonesia. Tampak Siring Palace was the only Presidential Palace that was built after Indonesian Independent. The five other palaces that were building since the Dutch colonialism time, including the Country Palace and Merdeka Palace (Jakarta), Bogor Palace (Bogor), Cipanas Palace (Cipanas), and Agung Building (Yogyakarta).

The president to rest, carry out the working meeting, and carry out foreign talks usually uses Tampak Siring Palace. The name of Tampak Siring came from two words in Balinese, that is Tampak (appearance) and Siring (gutter): “Telapak (palm)” and “Miring (askew)”. The naming was linked tight to the community’s local legend about King Mayadenawa. This king was known to be clever and magical invulnerable.

However, because his presumption appointed itself as the god who must be worshipped by his people, then Betara Indra delegated troops to attack King Mayadenawa. This attack made Mayadenawa escape into the forest. To conceal his tracks, Mayadenawa deliberate went by means of tilting his palm foot. But unfortunately, Mayadenawa efforts to deceive Betara Indra troops failed, his tracks had finally been known.

With the remnants of his supernatural powers, King Mayadenawa tried to oppose by creating the poisonous spring that could kill Betara Indra’s troops. To deal with resulting from bad from the poisonous spring, Betara Indra created the source of his antidote spring, that is Empul Water (holy water). Refugee’s territory King Mayadenawa so that currently is known as Tampak Siring. An architect named R.M. Soedarsono on the initiative of President Soekarno built Tampak Siring Palace.

The development of this Presidential Palace was divided in two periods, that is 1957 and 1963. During 1957, in this complex was built by Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Yudhistira. Now during 1963, the development of the second stage completed two main buildings other, that is Wisma Negara and Wisma Bima, as well as one Serba Guna Building (the conference building). Tampak Siring Palace was built in the hilly area with the height around 700 meters above sea level.

The tourists who visited this place could witness the story and the function of the historic building that had been used by the Republic of Indonesia Presidents. At Wisma Merdeka that had the area 1.200 m2, for example, the visitor could see President Sleeping Room I and Sleeping Room II, Family Sleeping Room, Guests Room, and the Office with the beautiful arrangement. In this building tourists also could see decorations took the form of the statue as well as choice paintings.

Meanwhile in Wisma Negara, the tourists could witness a building widely around 1.476 m2 that was the building to entertain the guests of the country. Between Wisma Merdeka and Wisma Negara was met the gap as deep as +- 15 meters that separated the two wisma. Therefore, was built a bridge along 40 meters in a wide manner 1,5 metre to connect the two wisma. The guests of the country are usually accompanied through this bridge to head Wisma Negara, so as this bridge was also known by the name of Jembatan Persahabatan (Friendly Bridge).

The guests of the honor that had passed this bridge, of Emperor Hirihito from Japan, President Tito from Yugoslavia, Ho Chi Minh from Vietnam, and Queen Juliana from Nederland. Wisma Yudhistira was the place spent the night the party of the presidency and the party of the guest of the country. Wisma that was located in the middle of Tampak Siring Palace complex had the area around 1.825 m2. Where as Wisma Bima building widely around 2.000 m2 usually used as the place of the rest of the president’s guards and the guest guard of the country.

The other building that was not inferior important was the Conference Building. This building deliberate was built for the need of the cabinet meeting, the state dish, as well as important conferences. Still in this palace region, the tourists could also enjoy the other tourist attraction that was quite famous in the Bali Island, that is Tampak Siring Temple that was exact under the Tampak Siring Palace.

This temple was also known by the name of the Tirta Empul Temple because in this temple was gotten the source of the holy spring (“tirta empul”). In this place, the tourists could carry out meditation and scooped up the blessing by means of bathing in the special pond that pass through by water from Empul Water. The spring that was sanctified this it seems has been used for purification and medical treatment since thousands years ago.

In a complex manner Tampak Siring Palace and the Tirta Empul Temple was approximately 40 kilometers from the Denpasar City. From the Capital of the Bali Province, tourists could use the personal vehicle or public transport. However, if wanted practical trip, the tourists could lease the travel agency’s service travel agent that was met in Denpasar City.

The tourists who needed accommodation could lease the hotel and the sub-area in and around Tampak Siring.

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