Balinese provides many traditional snacks to be mated with hot tea. Amongst, there is a snack which is suitable with tea. It is hemispherical in shape with yielding but firm structure. Balinese usually make it with two different colors but have the same taste. Laklak is a good tea mate as well as a snack for offering.

Laklak is made from sticky rice flour. That flour is mixed with water and a bit salt to create dough. If you want to make white Laklak, the dough batter can be cooked immediately. But, if you want to make green Laklak you need special ingredient. Balinese add the extract of Suji leaves to get green color laklak.

If you have no time to make this Balinese cake you can buy it in the traditional market. However you have to be a bit careful to select the green Laklak. Since there are Laklak sellers which do not use extract Suji leaves as a coloring ingredient. So the green Laklak is pale. Choose only the lush green Laklak as your tea mate.

It will guarantee you, that consuming hot tea with Laklak will make your body warm and spoil your tongue at the same time.

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