Cupak and Grantang

Bali has many folktales. A several days ago you have read a romantic story entitled “Jayaprana and Layonsari”. Now I will present you a story about two brothers who had different attitude and appearance, Cupak and Grantang. This is one of many interesting stories, which are often used as a material of Balinese story telling competition.

As for Cupak and Grantang this story even inspired a Balinese musician (XXX band) to create a song titled Cupak and Grantang. Without further ado, here is the tale: Cupak and Grantang were two siblings but they had different appearance and attitude. Cupak, the elder was fat, had sideburns, his hair was mess, with a big pot-belly, he loved to eat; a sneaky and bad young man.

He was totally different with his brother named Grantang. Grantang was a handsome young man, every woman who saw him would adore him, he had good attitude.  One day, their parent commanded them to work in the farm. Grantang did what he should do like plowing the soil, planting, and cleaning the farm from rice weeds.

But what did Cupak do? He played and went around looking for something to eat. Then, when dusk came he came back to the farm.

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