Tipat or Belayag

There is a holiday called Kajeng Kliwon in which Balinese serves Tipat or Belayag (rice-cake snack cooked in a small container of woven young coconut leaves) to The God. Besides in Kajeng Kliwon, Tipat is also used as an offering to the God in a day called Nyepi. A baby who enters temple for the first time is usually brought Tipat symbolizing that he or she asks permission from the deities who reside in the temple to enter the temple by presenting a Tipat.

There are many kinds of Tipat known in Bali. They can be differentiated in term of shape. A square-shape tipat is called Tipat Nasi, while the round one is called Tipat Taluh and for the pyramide-shape one, Balinese call it Tipat Sari, and many more shapes. Every Tipat has its own function. For instance, there is Tipat Pusuh in Bali. This Tipat is perhaps like strawberry with spine in the center of it. It is believed to be able to cure the eyes trouble.

To cure the eyes trouble, a chunk of garlic is placed on the top of the spine of the Tipat and accompanied with a special incantation. This combination is believed to be helpful. Tipat is well-known in Bali as an offering in almost every ceremony. So, ability in making various kind of tipat is important in Bali especially for women. Tipat is quite easy to make. Balinese only needs young coconut leave and rice. First, the coconut leave are woven into the wanted shape.

Then, into the space inside the woven coconut leave, rice is filled in about half-full the space. Finally, the Tipat is boiled until it is cooked. If the cooking is done well, it has smother texture than rice. Actually, Tipat is not merely used as an offering for The Goddesses but it is also popular due to its smooth texture. It usually mixes with vegetables and nut powder.

Balinese know it as Tipat Cantok.

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