When you are in Bali, Bantal is a snack that worth for a try. Its delicious taste will joggle your tongue and coddle your teeth when you feel its smooth texture in you mouth and taste the delicious flavor on your tongue. And you will be surprised by the taste of the center of Bantal. What is in the center of it? Banana will welcome your tongue and give you the sweet taste of it.

But sometimes, Bantal is not only has banana in it. It may be filled by uci, or rice bean, and it will look like constricted muscle Balinese use sticky rice, young coconut, banana or uci rice bean, and sugar as its main ingredients for making a Bantal. First thing to be done im making Bantal is washing the sticky rice and then soak it in a few minutes.

Take it from the water when the it looks pale. Subsequently, mix it with grater coconut, sugar and uci rice bean- if you want to add it. Do not forget to add salt. As a final point, cover the mixing ingredients by young coconut leaves and steam it until the color of coconut leaves change into brownish. First time you chew it, you will feel as you are chewing bubble gum.

The sticky rice makes a special taste that makes it different from other traditional snacks. After a few minutes in chewing it, salty taste will dominate your tongue and then sweet taste will follow. When you are in Bali, you can get Bantal almost everywhere. It is often sold in traditional market. But nowadays you can easy find it in mini market or even in super market in Bali.

Bantal is quite different with other Balinese traditional meal. So if you look for it in market, look for meal which is covered by young coconut leaves made in shape of cylinder like dutch-wife or square with pointed angle. Well, if you want to enjoy the delicious taste of Bantal, eating the fresh cooked one will be more delicious.

The taste of deliciously oily and salty of the grater coconut will be more obvious. Thus, whenever you are in Bali, do not forget to taste it. So check it out.

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