Bali Airport Shuttle Service

Denpasar Airport is the is one of main gate to Indonesia with official name of I gusti Ngurah Rai Airport even thought in the flight ticket is always written down Denpasar airport actually the airport is located about 30 minutes from Denpasar or to be exact at Tuban Village. The airport is rather low-rise compared to most international airports. This is because the design has arrivals and departure terminal on the same ground level, rather than stacked on top of each other as they are at most airports. The airport is divided in to two main terminals, International and domestic terminal which is about 300 meters distance one to another.

Passport control
The difference arrival process for domestic and international passengers is essentially identical, with the exception of course of the immigration and customs formalities for international passengers which surely will arrive at International Arrival. Arriving passengers exit the sky-bridge from the plane on the same floor as departing passengers. However, a glass wall separates arriving and departing passengers, forming a corridor around the outside of the terminal. Following the corridor around will bring you to stairs and escalators taking you down to arrival hall.

If you need to purchase a Visa on arrival, queue up at the purchase counter before heading to the passport control. International passengers will need to pass through immigration first. ( Immigration regulation ). Why not book also our VIP Airport service, our staff will warmly welcome you at the gate before Visa on Arrival Counter and do the process for you e.g.: purchase visa on arrival, hand carried luggage delivery service, support and declaration of Quarantine Survey service, exclusive Immigration & Visa on Arrival Booth service, accompanied checked baggage pick up, support customers’ Customs Declaration, accompany to Customs area.

Bali Airport Shuttle
For the first visitor to Bali especially after a long flight and big different of time zone, Bali airport can be a confusing place,There are many airport shuttle service touts and vying for your attention. Most Bali hotels or villa can arrange to pick you up at the airport with higher fee compare with our rate. Let us take care of your worry about getting out from Bali airport to your hotels or villa. Our sparkling new and reliable cars, chauffeured by experience and bilingual driver, will ensure that your arrival in Bali is pleasant and comfortable with some of information about Bali,

Best rate per car !
Our shuttle service rate are per car bases – fit for 4 passengers comfortable with spacious luggage room. It will much cheaper compared to the hotels or villa or agent rate which normally charge per person.

Easy Booking
Just click on the area where your hotel is located, make a booking, and inform us your detail flight and accommodation, and your car and driver will be holding a sign board with your name of it at the Meeting Points of the Denapasar International Airport.Your transfer will be confirmed immediately and you will be provided with a travel voucher to present to the driver via email.

Payment ?
No worry, payment can be settled upon you arrival. No deposit is required unless for big group.

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