Dewa Ruci Statue

Dewa Ruci Statue lies at the intersection of Jl. Sunset Road, Jl. Setiabudi and Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, and created by I Wayan Winten. Bima, one of five children from families Pendawa, was fighting against a giant dragon in legend Dewa Ruci. This story are taken from Mahabaratha epos, where Bhima were ordered by his spiritual teacher to get some spring holy water from the sea, even he knew that it’s impossible to get.

But bhima respect his teacher a lot so has to follow what his teacher wanted,with his big respect to his teacher than he went to the ocean but he found nothing, but still he struggle to get what his teacher order, till he met the dragon the keeper of the ocean and he asked the dragon: where can i find the spring holy water ?. The dragon said i am the keeper of the seas, and i’m the one who keep this holy water for my people.

If you want to get the holy water you have to fight with me,but actually this dragon is just the manifestation of the god who wants to see how bhima respect his teacher, than with his braviour, strenghtness, faithfulness with one vision finally bhima changed to Become Dewa Ruci he become a strong and powerfull like gods and finally he can conquered the dragon,and he got the spring holy water inside the dragon’s stomach.

So this statue is just to reminds the people who pass this street has to respect their parents, teachers, honest, positive thinking, reach to goal even it’s impossible and to be faithfull.

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