Putung Hill

Putung  itself is located in Duda Timur village, Selat district, approximately 64 km from Denpasar and about 19 kms from Amlapura. This area is reachable by public or private vehicles. The most plus point of Putung as a tourist object is its wonderful and amazing pristine panorama, which is the combination of mountains and sea view in a distance.

Putung lies on mountainous area that surrounded by dense trees, particularly “salak” or snake skin fruit garden. This makes the air in this area is very cool and refreshing. From here, we will be able to take a view around to see the scenery of terraced rice fields. From this high place, we will also be able to view the blue sea with fishermen ships catching the fish.

The beauty of Putung becomes famous through the painting of an Italian painter who lived in this area for a long time and married a local woman from Manggis village. Based on the story downed from generation to generation, the name of Putung was taken from the name of an isolated area, which was once visited by those who wished to hold meditation to get descendant or to be blessed with other blessings.

The word “Putung” is presumed to be derived from the word “putus” which means a marriage with no descendant, which in Balinese word is called “putung”.

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