Iseh East Bali Village

The tourist object of Iseh is situated at Iseh village, Sidemen district. The distance of this object is about 52 kms from Denpasar and can be easily reached by public or private vehicles.  The magnificent nature of Iseh has been famous since years ago, for the most fascinating natural view can be seen here.

Mount Agung stands in a distance with its steep valley, river that winding with its clear water in the middle of vast green carpet of terraced rice fields, where traditional farmers work so hard become interesting view to witness. The beautiful panorama of Iseh was introduced to the world by two foreigners who had lived in this area for a quite long time.

Through their paintings, they documented the adorable view of Iseh village with its special daily life of the people. Those two painters are Walter Spies from Germany and Theo Meier from Switzerland. They spent most of their time to socialize with the local people and to closely know their custom and culture.

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