Tihingan Village

Tihingan Village is located in the Banjarangkan Subdistrict, approximately 3 km the West direction to the Semarapura City. It could be covered by car or motorbike. The road in Tihingan Village has been asphalted,  The Tihingan Village in the Banjarangkan Subdistrict is the centre of the manufacturer’s diligence of the gong (the Gamelan). The production of the gong is done from the manual labour to the special expert to adjust the gong voice.

The most important thing from this work is the expertise to adjust the gong voice. In Tihingan Village, there are two groups of Pande Groups, the expert person that made the Gong. The village Community is very famous in Bali because of his expertise make an istrumens of the Gong or Gambelan. Beside the Gong, the community in this village also able to make various Balinese gamelan such as Semara Pegulingan, Puppet Gender, Kelentangan/Angklung and others that its material made from open-work metal.

The expertise of making the Gong possible is bequeathed by their ancestors whose wellknown for centuries as Pande (the expert of Gong maker) from the Tihingan Village. This matter could be proven by the name of Pande Tihingan always shown in a set of Gong wich is available in villages. The situation now is far more advances, the Balinese gamelan has special characteristics and good to be enjoyed. It spread all through the homeland, even in all through the world.

Some foreigeners often visit The Tihingan Village only because of being interesting and afterwards ordering a set of Gong to be brought to their country.

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