Tamba Waras Temple | A Place To Ask For Health Inner Self And Outer World

Tamba Waras Temple  a place to ask for health inner self and outer world. Geographically, this temple is located in the south of the slope of Mount Batukaru, exactly at Sangketan village, Penebel, Tabanan. Tamba Waras Temple which is on the same line with Luhur Batukaru Temple lies around 725 m above the sea level. It is about 22 km from Tabanan city. Structurally, Tamba Waras or Tambo Waras is a place to store the universe pharmacy.

It’s proven with various important ingredients to be used as medicine, besides closely related to the history that king had been healed by taking prayer at a place used to be known as a forest of Batukaru. Tamba Waras Temple was built around 12th century. According to some history record, The King of Tabanan Cokorda Tabanan suffered from severe illness while no medicine worked for him.

The royal servant tried searching medicine according to the magic clue they had received, there they saw smoke billowing from a coconut on the ground in a bamboo forest. After beseeching at that place, finally they found medicine there. The medicine was then given to the King that helped him heal from the disease. At that place was finally built a temple named Tamba Waras Temple. Tamba Waras was derived from the word ‘tamba’ + ‘waras’. ‘Tamba’ means medicine, ‘waras’ means back to normal.

Luhur Tamba Waras Temple means worshiping the power of the Supreme God in His manifestation as pharmacy store of the universe. The main purpose of worshiping this temple is to ask for health, wisdom for the realization of welfare. This temple is one of Catur Angga Temples, with status as ‘Sad Kahyangan Jagad Bali’. Luhur Tamba Waras temple includes among the chain temples to built strength.

Mount Batukaru with its peak is Kedaton, a manifestation of Hyang Widhi (Supreme God) to protect the living things by giving energy power of the earth. The chain temple includes Luhur Muncak Sari Temple and down Tamba Waras Temple located on the right of Luhur Batukaru Temple. On the right lies Patali Temple and Besikalung Temple. The unite power of these 2 temples strengten the universe.

Those Luhur Tamba Waras Temple becomes a strong buffer, the main function of ‘Ida Batara Sang Hyang Tumuruh’ that is worshiped there. Inner self and outer world health are the main aspect to continue life in a correct manner. Tamba Waras Temple is a temple that functions to achieve this purpose and preserve the universe. The manifestation of ‘Catur Loka Pala’ Batukaru as ‘Aswinodewa’.

Wisdom, honesty, and goodness are considered inner self health for a better life besides strong physic and spirit. These 2 aspects can be requested at this temple, ask for the God’s blessing through solemn prayer or yoga or even with ritual ceremony based on sincerity. Sangketan customary village is a form of customary community called ‘Pekandel’, while Jero Subamia is the care taker of this temple. The temple festival comes every Buda Umanis Prangbakat.

The peak ceremony was held on Wednesday 2 August 2010.

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