Pengerebongan Temple

Pengerebongan Temple is located at Kesiman Culture Village, District of East Denpasar, and Denpasar municipality. Pengerebongan Temple is one of their temples of Dang Kahyangan at District of East Denpasar, a lot of tourist come to visit this temple as specially be held the Ngrebong Ceremony.

It means the Tabuh Rah ceremony is continued by cook-fighter to attend by some people with un-conciseness to tourney the crease in that body (in Balinese language “Ngurek”).  Pengerebongan Temple located on the way side of Denpasar Street to Gianyar, it about more-less four kilometers from Denpasar to East Side.

Pengerebongan Temple clamped by two streets on the right and the East Side, the both streets are short way to Taman Lita Ulangun Oongan. Pengerebongan Temple consists of two part are: at Jeroan temple has two pelinggih they are: The Pelinggih Pasimpangan Dalem Kesiman Temple and Pelinggih which have cave/hole that has Ananta Bhoga statue on the bottom side.

And Jaba temple only has Bale wantilan that has function as entertain stage and place to realize Ngerebong ceremony. The relation ceremony of Dalem temple which called Dalem kesiman temple, also done Tabuh rah for four days after the ceremony take place for 21 days started from Wednesday wage Langkir.

After doing tabuh rah for four days, eight days after Kuningan ceremony took place, the fifth day of Tabuh Rah started on Sunday Pon Medangsia exactly on the Pengerebongan Day (Amutering Bhuana) moved by the local people to Petilan as Tajen Pengerebongan (cookfighting).

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