Nusa Ceningan

Nusa Ceningan mean – small island, is the smallest of a trio of islands located across the Badung Strait on the south east coast of Bali, Indonesia, forming part of Bali’s Klungkung regency. Ceningan Island is nestled between Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, just 12 mile off the Bali coast, only a 45 minute boat ride. Nusa Lembongan has enjoyed considerable growth in numbers of holiday makers eager to discover new experiences in their beloved Bali holiday destination that demands their frequent visits. If you imagine Bali how it would have been 30-40 years ago, before tourism existed, that is similar to what you’d experience on Ceningan today.

A beautiful picturesque 306 hectare island with a population of 1600 local islanders, all without the eyesore of large hotel resorts destroying the coastline. The locals have in recent years rallied together to prevent major resort developments being built on their part of Paradise, an imposition which would have been very detrimental to their traditions, lifestyle and eco-system. However, realising the magnetism of this beautiful peaceful island getaway, tourism offered the Islanders an opportunity to provide the boost needed to their otherwise low income-earning seaweed farming economy, using their only other natural asset, this exquisite and unspoilt island.

So after considerable careful planning by the locals, they now look forward to welcoming tourists to their island, under their very own development terms. Working closely with a Bali-based developer, who has a healthy respect for Ceningan’s newly formed guidelines and zoning – infrastructure and eco-friendly timber “Islander” chalets, cabins, a restaurant and a small tavern have been designed and are underway to accommodate those looking for a very unique island getaway holiday with a truly unique island ambience.
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