Maospahit | Brick Relief Gate Temple

Maospahit Temple is located on the southern part of Denpasar. This is an old Hindu Balinese temple and the main gate was made of brick relief. The statue is made of clay representing a big Chinese man, a demon and a mythical bird (burung Garuda). The main entrance to the temple on Dr Sutomo Street, is opened only on festival days. The oldest part of this temple was brought from Majahpahit when Bali was under the influence of the biggest Majapahit Kingdom.

The name of Maospahit Temple is derived from Bhatara Maospahit, thedescent divinities (dewa) of Balinese. On the left of the gate is a pillar with relief of a big demon and this pillar is made of bricks. Maospahit Temple had been reconstructed in order to meet the Balinese culture. The style of the gates are not the same as its origin when it was built during the power of Majapahit. Relief of Garuda witha Picher of the elixir water Amerta is located on the main gates in the west part of the temple complex.

Where as in the right of the gates was relief of a demon, coiled around by a serpent (Naga).

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