Human Tragedy Monument

Human Tragedy Monument is located at the area of explosion site (Ground Zero), while the striking part of the monument is “Kayonan” taking the shape of a huge white color three leaf, as symbol of the universe, and at the lower part of Kayonan could be found an inscription listing all dead victim of the bomb tragedy, classified in nationalities.

Human Tragedy Monument remind us to the terrible tragedy, the explosion of Bali Bomb occured on Saturday October 12, 2002 at jalan Legian Kuta which causing 202 persons from 22 countries killed and 324 seriously injured of defected. The horrible bomb explosion also destroyed and damaged many buildings and cars in one kilometers radius and since that tragedy tourism industry as the back bone of Bali’s economy suffer the deepest decline along its history.

But owing to the dedication and hard work of all community level, either private sectors or the Government, now it has got gradual recovery.

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