Goa Garba

Goa Garba lies northeast of Pejeng, on the western side of the Pakrisan. The complex can be entered via steep steps through a gateway at the back of the Pengukur-ukuran temple in the village of Sawah Gunung. One arrives at a hermitage consisting of three caves with slanting roofs. There is an inscription in Kadiri square script in one of these saying “sri” a lucky sign. On the basis of the script, the complex may be dated to the late 11th century. Water basins with spouts are hewn in front of the niches. There are sever pedestals with fragments of stone statues a lingga. In the temple above, two stone Ganesas, a lingga and a winged stone snake with an inscription dated AD. 1194 are found.

Krobokan, on the eastern side of the Pakrisan (near the village of Cemadik), dates from the 12th century. Where the waters of the rivers Krobokan and Pakrisan flow togetger, a 6 m high, oval-shaped niche with the facade of a temple in relief is cut into the rock. It is flanked by a small hermit’s cave with a rectangular aperture and a slanting roof.

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