Gilimanuk Harbour

Gilimanuk Harbour is Bali’s west gateway, it is the cheapest island way to reach Java. There are ferries that sail every minute to deliver people and vehicle from Bali to Java. The beauty of Gilimanuk’s beaches is rarely mentioned. It has a wide range of coral beaches, white and black sand beaches and mangrove forest.

The exquisiteness of the underwater coral awaits anyone willing to dive in and go for snorkeling. There are two small islands in the bay, which are barely more than sandbars – Pulau Kalong (Bat Island) and Pulau Burung (Bird Island). For tourists who want know further about the history of Bali, there is also a museum containing pre-Hindu archeology.

The villages around Gilimanuk contain a mixture of Balinese, Javanese, Madurese and Bugis architecture unique to Bali. No less beautiful are the various boats belonging to these ethnic groups. Gilimanuk plays its role as a west seaport of Bali. Daily ferry service (Bali – Java) are run.

It also offers a beautiful view from the busy harbor.

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