Delod Berawah | Jembrana Buffalo Race Beach

Delod Berawah Beach can easily be reached from the sub-district of Mendoyo, Jembrana, about 88 km from Denpasar. It is about 1,5 km to the south from Tegalcangkring through extensive rice field often visited by flock of herons and storks. Delod Berawah Beach is a sloping, black-sandy beach, an ideal location for recreation and swimming.

The black color comes from a natural process, especially the swampy (called Berawah in Balinese) area nearby. So then, the people who live on the north side called the newly-formed village Delod Berawah, south of the swampy area. On the north side of Delod Berawah Beach is a former rice field where traditional water buffalo race called Makepung is regularly held.

This is such an attraction only to be found in Jembrana.

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