Catur Muka Statue

Catur Muka Statue is the depiction of God Brahma, the Almighty Creator. The statue stands on the cross roads in front of the Denpasar Mayor’s office. It is called Catur Muka (Four Faces) because it has four heads facing out to the four quarters of the compass and establihsed in 1973. The statue was created by a craftsmen led by the locally renowned artist I Gusti Nyoman Lempad from Ubud village.

This 9 meters huge granite statue has four heads which each of them faces and guards the street of Surapati, Udayana, Veteran, and Gajah Mada. It is also said that the four heads represent God’s power. The first head signifies the fact that God is infinitely big. The second head signifies that God is the King of the kings of this world and the next. The third head signifies the fact that God is tireless and never stops working.

This statue became the activity center of Denpasar people like events and festival, and the most famous festival held in this place is Denpasar Festival. Around this statue, the visitor can find other places of interest in Denpasar like Jagatnatha Temple, Puputan Badung Field, Kumbasari Traditional Market, and Museum Bali. Visit Catur Muka Statue, the Landmark of Denpasar could become an attractive destination for your holiday in Bali.

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