Candikusuma Beach | A Small Harbor For Fisherman Ship

Local people also called Candikusuma Beach as Dermaga. This beach located very near from main street Denpasar – Gilimanuk. So, if you cross Bali Island to Java, you have to cross this street. It is very easy to find this beach. In this beach you can see a small harbor for fisherman ship. In Candikusuma Beach is a right place for you to have fishing.

In here you can also see shell care that will be taken their diamonds. You can find a lot of small house in the sea, which is take care the diamond shells. You can also view the sea from high rock with a temple side of you. Candikusuma Beach is still very natural because there is no big or high building near the beach. In this beach, people in my village usually use it for held a Religion Ceremony.

This ceremony always held 3 or 5 days before Nyepi day. This ceremony is called Melasti. So, you have to see this beautiful beach. There are many interest things from this place.

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