Bunut Bolong

Bunut Bolong is a sacred and unique tree that is located in Manggisari village 11 km to the north from the main Denpasar – Gilimanuk road, 86 km from Denpasar. The sacred tree is situated on the ridge of a hill flanked on east sides by clove plantation and on the west side gorge with excellent lush green tropical forest. The name Bunut Bolong is given due to the unique characteristic of this tree. the word bunut is Balinese name for a species of fig family which has similar characteristic with banyan tree, and the word bolong means hole, so the word Bunut Bolong means a bunut tree which has a hole in it.

As a matter fact, this sacred tree has a big hole in the bottom of it, so big that a road can through it and the diameter of the hole can accommodate two cars side by side. The road through the Bunut Bolong tree was build since it is impossible to build the road either on the right or the left side of the tree. Moreover, cutting down the tree is out of question since the spirits that reside in the tree refuse to move out from the tree and against all efforts on cutting down the tree. This sacred tree is guarded by the spirits of two tigers that are symbolized by the statue of two tiger on a shrine on the south side of the tree.

The set of shrines that accompany this sacred tree is known as Pujangga Sakti Temple that is established to honor the great sage Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra who happened to pass this area hundreds years ago. Although many visitors visit Bunut Bolong and the view of the gorge and surrounding hills from the looking post on the north side of Bunut Bolong is magnificent, there is not enough tourist facilities such as toilet or decent bench nearby.

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