Benoa Harbor

Benoa Harbor is the main harbour of Bali, located at Sanggaran village about 11 kilometers south of Denpasar city’s center. It is busy with various activities like cargo’s export-import, local cruises, stop boat to Lombok island, marine recreation, fishing, stop over for a number of Domestic inter-island passanger ships, the anchorage site of international cruise ships and the ocean going yacht as well as The Bali International Yacht Club has its base here.

From the concrete pierced you can see ever the Serangan Island, lying lee on the water. The patch of sea enclosed by this narrow stretch of land and the long break water of the island, it is from this fishing village, people can depart daily by Cruise, Mabua Express trip to Lombok, and Wakaloka Cruise trip to Lembongan and other Cruise. Benoa Harbor has distance more less 6 km from Denpasar City, has been arranging as well as facilities and infrastructure. So that it possibility for international yacht or local yacht to hang down as well as to ascend and to descend the passengers that is why Benoa Harbor to be the international tourism harbor besides.

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