Beji Temple | A Temple Environment To Worship Dewi Sri

Beji Temple environment was a Temple environment to worship Dewi Sri, as Goddless that was connected with agriculture especially being trusted as Goddless that created rice as the main foodstuff. Beji Temple environment was also known as the Subak Temple environment for the Sangsit traditional village, where all of King’s environmental part was illustrated Buleleng carving style in the form of plants that crept and the motive of the flower that characterised the age to 15, King’s Majapahit era.

In the main gate of Beji Temple environment was decorated by two dragons as the guard of the temple. The attraction that was unique from this temple environment was carving that filled all the temple parts as though none the place of the temple that was not decorated with carving. This carving was painted by colours so as this temple environment became more unique.

Beji Temple environment was located in the Sangsit Village, Sawan, Buleleng.

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