Puncak Penulisan Temple | The Higest Temple In Bali With 336 Steps

Puncak Penulisan Temple is located In Bangli Regency around 3 km from Kintamani and 30 from Bangli town. Puncak Penulisan Temple is situated on summit of Penulisan Mountain, 1745 m above sea level, making it the higest temple in Bali with 336 steps to climb before reacheing the temple. Puncak Penulisan Temple that is also known as Tegeh Koripan Temple, dates back to 9th century AD.

Puncak Penulisan Temple consists of 11 terraces and the first of five temple complex, the other temples are Panarajon Temple, Ratu Penyarikan Temple, Ratu Temple, Daha Tua Temple and Taman Danu Temple. The striking features of this temple are the bales housing the ancient stone statues and lingga dating from the 11th-13th centuries, one of which is of Queen Mahendratta.

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