Tabanan Regency

Tabanan is the rice bowl of Bali, its rich earth sculptured into gorgeous green irrigated fields that provide nutriments for the island. This spectacularly beautiful regency is devided into a series of environments. The lowlands are covered with rice paddies, while the high hills around the resort town of Bedugul greet travellers with stepply terraced fields carved out of the fertile soil.

It is in this region that some of Bali’s best products are grown, including corn, onions, sweet potatoes, coffee, cloves, cocoa, vanilla and sparkling fresh strawberries. Tabanan highest peak is mount Batukaru, towering above the island at 2,276 metres above the sea level. From this lofty perch close to the heavens, surrounded by the barren moonscapethat marks the edge of the volcanic calderas, adventurous climbers can look down on Bali spread out below in postage stamp miniature.

Tabanan highlands offer a freshen retreat from the steamy climate of the coast, as well as the chance to explore off the beaten tourist track. Tabanan has a long and illustrious histore, it was the seat of a powerful ancient Hindu kingdom, which held out against the Dutch colonial government until 1906. Glimpses of this courtly past are still visible at the 17th century palaces of the royal family of Kerambitan.

A number of fascinating Hindu temples can be found in this regency. Many of them are still be guarded by sacred monkeys and bordered by unspoiled forests. Tabanan villages are known for their devotion to traditional Balinese arts. Many visitors will be thrilled with its cultural and natural wealth , and with the priceless experience of exploring a gentle, untouched side of Bali.

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