Bali Useful Tips

Should Do………….

  • When you need a taxi, always use taxi with taxi meter.. unless you want to make a bargain
  • Always exchanges your money at an authorized Money Changer
  • Be dressed properly when you enter a temple or other local sacred places
  • Try to make bargain when you shopping in public/traditional art market
  • Only drink bottled mineral water, tap water sometime make your stomached
  • Always obey the road regulations, bring your driving license along while you drive
  • Always bring cash while having tour or shopping and keep your other valuable documents in your hotels deposit box, unless it necessary
  • Always use your hat & sun lotion before you try the outdoors activities
  • Bring your camera along while having tour or simply to documented your holidays moment
  • Beware of your belonging, and always try to find a hygienic places when you want to buy a food. There are easy to find in Bali

Do not………………

  • When you are in the beach, do not attempt to swim on the red flag area
  • Try not / avoid to step on the Balinese-Hindu’s offering on the street
  • Never touch local people unless you are really close to them. It is considered offensive action
  • Do not deal with drugs-in all it’s kinds, considering Indonesian government Laws is strictly prohibited
  • Do not carry a gun or any other kind of weapons, considering Indonesian government Laws is strictly prohibited
  • Do not enter the temple or other sacred places when got monthly periods/menstruation
  • Hunk your car/motor, when you have facing a slow face of rituals street processions. Be patient, respect the local cultures!
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